Institute For Strategic Risk Analysis In Decision Making


Key objective for the institute for strategic risk analysis in decision making (isar) – implementation of risk-based thinking and modern methods of risk analysis in key areas of economy.

Institute goals:

  • The promotion of the ISO31000 and latest research in the field of risk-based decision-making to create in Russia a modern and comprehensive regulatory – legal framework in the field of risk management.
  • Creating a modern and practically-oriented education system, further training and certification in the field of risk management in the CIS in cooperation with the world’s largest associations.
  • Creation of Russian system wide access to current research, practical experience in the field of risk-oriented thinking and the effective dissemination of such information.
  • Research in the field of psychology of risk perception research, risk-based thinking and decision management, investment and project decisions, taking into account risks.
  • Helping to reduce the danger of environmental, technological and other catastrophic events, the effective elimination of their economic and social impact in Russia and in the world.