Ben Burger

Managing Director

Pro Presentation CC

South Africa


Ben is the Managing Member of ‘Pro Presentation cc’ and works an independent consultant, assisting organisations in the development of strategic direction in ‘Risk-based Integrated Management’ (RIM). Ben’s broad experience and his demonstrated analysis, development, project management, facilitation, communication and training skills have helped guiding many a client organisation to achieving significant results in improving their business management system performance.

Ben was a contributor to the book: ‘SHEQ Guide to Managing Risk’ (Germaine/Bird/Labuschagne). He holds tertiary qualifications in Mechanical Engineering and Total Quality Management and is currently studying towards an MSc in Management of Technology and Innovation. He is also a certified ISO 31000 lead trainer with both G31000 and the PECB.

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Integrated management - a highly sought-after concept

  • Definition & objectives
  • Specific ISO Requirements
  • A proposed strategy
  • Benefits

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