Christopher Mandel

Senior Vice President and Director

The Sedgwick Institute

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Chris Mandel is SVP, Strategic Solutions, Sedgwick and Director of the Sedgwick Institute. Mr. Mandel has more than 25 years of leadership experience in large global corporate risk management and pioneered the development of ERM at USAA. His career included risk related leadership roles at Liberty Mutual, Marsh, Verizon, American National Red Cross and PepsiCo. He is Founder and President of Excellence in Risk Management, LLC.

He served seven years on the board of RIMS and was president in 2002-03.He holds and has held appointments to numerous industry boards, was elected a founding member of Risk Who’s Who in 2008, was voted the 2004 Risk Manager of the Year and is the recipient of RIMS Goodell Award in 2016. He has had continuously running columns in the trade press since 1996.
Highly skilled risk and insurance professional with more than 30 years of experience designing, developing and implementing large, global corporate risk management programs for Fortune 500 firms. Thought leader in enterprise risk management, insurance and the alignment of risk stakeholder interests among internal audit, compliance, legal, control, planning, crisis management and business performance functionaries. Designed and implemented numerous risk and insurance programs for large, global corporates. Led and aligned small to mid-size teams toward successful delivery of multi-million dollar expense saving programs and captive insurance company profit centers solving unique risk financing problems and delivering tens of millions in net income.

Will Speak About

Risk Management and Business Continuity: An Overdue Partnership

  • Understand why BC and Risk Management have been segregated and what was left on the table
  • Understand how emerging risks and VUCA are central to the BC-RM partnership opportunity
  • Learn what the priorities of BC are as compared to risk management and how these priorities help define the opportunities
  • Learn what the most significant points of synergy are between the two disciplines

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