Peter Blokland

Author TR³M - PhD Candidate/Researcher, Systems Thinking and ISO31000 certified trainer

TUDelft University

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Peter Blokland (1957) holds an MSc in military and aeronautical sciences, obtained at the Belgian Royal Military Academy. He is a former Belgian Air Force Pilot (F-16, Alpha-Jet, SF260M), Squadron Commander (CO 5th Squadron basic pilot training), Staff Officer (Aviation Safety & Nuclear Surety at SHAPE) and Aircraft Accident Investigator. In 2008 he started a second career as an organisational and business coach, helping organisations, companies and teams to improve and excel. As an author, together with Prof. Genserik Reniers (TU Delft, KUL & UA), he bundled his experience and ideas on leadership and management in a book titled “Total Respect Management (TR³M) “. Since September 2014, Peter is full-time employed at TU Delft as a PhD researcher working on a project of Netbeheer Nederland to research his design (TR³M) as a proactive way to achieve safety and performance in organisations. His design is to be implemented and tested in the gas distribution network industry in the Netherlands.

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A foundation for safety & security science - inspired by ISO 31000

  • What is risk and what is safety and how are they linked?
  • How can safety and security be defined, taking into account the ISO 31000 definition of risk?
  • How can safety holistically/universally/completely be measured?
  • How can safety be achieved proactively?

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