schedule of the conference

The 6th international Conference on the ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard in Dubai on 24-25 September 2017, follows the successful annual conferences in Paris 2012, Toronto 2013, New York 2014, Cape Town 2015 and Dubai 2016.

24th September 2017

Day 1 - Sunday

Management of Risk or Risky Management?

  • Why focussing on the management of risks to achieve corporate objectives
  • The concept of including risk into all ISO Management System Standard programmes - Quality, Safety, Environment etc.
  • Towards a single High Level Structure for ISO standards – from AS HB 265:2004 to ISO Annex SL
  • Next level : Risk is the binding concept to embed ISO 31000 standard for the Integration of multiple ISO Management System Standards
  • Why ISO/TC 262 and ISO/TMB/JTCG TF5 Must Work Together

Integrated Use of ISO Management Systems Standards (IUMSS)

  • Plan, lead, and resource their Integrated Management System plan and transition for ISO and non-ISO MSS by the use of a multiple horizon implementation plan
  • Support and evaluate their organization’s IMS performance across industry contexts,
  • Continually Improve their IMS and reduce MSS conformance costs by over 30%,
  • Build an integrated management system by the its business processes to suit the organizations context, their Lean/CI/Six Sigma process improvement programs and
  • Utilise ISO 31000 and ISO 31010 RM Guidelines and Techniques to build Risk Based Thinking in the organization as it meets it risks and opportunities.

Integrated management - a highly sought-after concept

  • Definition & objectives
  • Specific ISO Requirements
  • A proposed strategy
  • Benefits

G31000 Risk management maturity model

  • Overview of 80 risk maturity models across industry and sectors, worldwide
  • Measuring the alignment of risk management and performance
  • G31000 model : the only model solely based on the ISO 31000 risk management principles
  • Collective expertise of the G31000 network for corporates, consultants, auditors and risk managers

The ALJ Group approach to ‘moving up the risk maturity curve’

  • Group governance structure in place based on 3-lines-of-defense
  • Robust Audit Committee provides independent board-level risk and control oversight to international standards
  • Adequacy and effectiveness of a risk management system at Group and Divisional level direct Group-level risk, controls & Group Risk Management (GRM) function for direct & oversee front-line Divisional enterprise risk management (ERM)
  • Divisional risk functions execute embedded business-unit (BU) ERM. Case study of ALJ Motors as the key business unit

Linking ISO 9001 and ISO 31000: Risk-based thinking. Implementation and way ahead at NATO

  • Where to place the Risk Management spotlight in ISO 9001:2015 - challenging the standard
  • How does NATO deal with standardization? - focus on quality and risk management requirements.
  • Effort to establish an organizational (overarching) Risk Management approach in the NAEW&CF- main elements

Importance of Leadership & Risk Management in the Context of Health & Safety

  • World Business Strategy and Business Sustainability
  • Leadership, Risk Management and Health & Safety - A natural relationship
  • Importance of Leadership and Risk Management on Organizational Health & Safety Topography, Resistivity and Gravity
  • Organizational Natural Layers, Health & safety concerns, Risk Management and role of Leadership
  • Leadership in ISO 45001, its connection with Health & Safety Risks and recommended actions

A foundation for safety & security science - inspired by ISO 31000

  • What is risk and what is safety and how are they linked?
  • How can safety and security be defined, taking into account the ISO 31000 definition of risk?
  • How can safety holistically/universally/completely be measured?
  • How can safety be achieved proactively?

Risk Management and Business Continuity: An Overdue Partnership

  • Understand why BC and Risk Management have been segregated and what was left on the table
  • Understand how emerging risks and VUCA are central to the BC-RM partnership opportunity
  • Learn what the priorities of BC are as compared to risk management and how these priorities help define the opportunities
  • Learn what the most significant points of synergy are between the two disciplines

Integrating the Risk Aspects of Standards using ISO 31000, from an IT security perspective

  • Risk Management- Brief Overview
  • Risk Aspects of Standards (Eg., ISO 27001, ISO 9001,ISO 20000 so on)
  • High Level Overview of the Risk Aspects in some well-known standards (IS027001, ISO20000,ISO22301)
  • Benefits of Applying ISO 31000
  • Maturity Model using CobIT for Risk Management

25th September 2017

Day 2 - Monday

High Performance Risk Management: Results that Make Difference

  • Defining high performance risk management
  • Profile of successful leaders and successful organisations
  • Success criteria : the crucial need of evidence
  • Benefits of high performance risk management

Successful Enterprise Risk Management

  • What are the secrets of successful enterprise risk management?
  • Are you a successful risk manager?
  • Are successful risk managers born or made?
  • What is the key to successful risk management and does ISO31000 hold the key?

Practical risk management based on ISO 31000 integration

  • WHY? — Practical Drivers / Reasons to apply RISK Management case studies in four industries : Mining, Military Equipment Manufacturing, Telecom, Railways
  • WHAT is the link? — Integration of ISO 31000 principles on ERM Program lifecycle phases / applications
  • HOW TO ? practically use — Applications of Risk Management simply in Business Planning / KPIs, PMO / Mega Programs Launch, Insurance & BCM Programs Optimization and Quality Management / QMS
  • Why ERM programs fail? and possible Solutions — Key Risks & Challenges with Proactive Solutions and Extracts of various cases in ERM Program
  • WAY Forward? — Wisdom & Lessons Learned - based on my personal experience with ERM Program design & operation in four companies in different sectors

Internal Audit and Risk Management: A paradigm shift

  • Internal Audit role in Modern Governance
  • A forward look on the relationship of Internal Audit and Risk Management
  • The way forward for Internal Audit and Risk Management in the light of Fourth Industrial
  • Revolution and the fast changing environment surrounding us

Fraud Risk Management and ISO 31000

  • Basics of fraud – Definitions and Factors
  • How to make your Fraud Risk Management effective ?
  • ISO 31000 and Fraud Risk Assessment
  • ISO 37001 Anti – Bribery Management Systems

The Dilemma of Risk, Compliance and Regulatory Flow

  • Cost/benefit of compliance and non-compliance
  • Limitations of Regulatory impact assessment
  • Applying ISO 31000 in legislative projects
  • Beyond Compliance: does make any business sense?

New Developments & Innovation in Risk Management

  • As a risk professional, keeping up to date and understanding the emerging risks for your organisations is paramount.
  • What about staying on top of and knowing new developments in the risk space?
  • In this sessions you will hear about new developments and innovation in the risk space from around the globe.

Applying the Psychology of Risk Management

  • How do we think, and how does our organisation think, about risk? In what context?
  • Frameworks, processes, procedures versus culture - which wins? When? Why?
  • The dangers of thinking quantitatively, and why you sometimes have to, and sometimesshouldn’t.
  • Risk management is (psychologically) the wrong term for what ISO 31000 is doing.
  • What a CRO needs to know about neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, deep history, and philosophy.

Raising awareness on the ISO 31000 risk management standard, worldwide

  • Latest statistics on ISO 31000 - countries, sectors, companies
  • Development of the G31000 network and its representatives
  • Why G31000 needs to expand - new products & services
  • Priorities and objectives for future

Companies We Trained